Janet’s Law and NJ Schools

On September 12th, 2012 Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey signed into law, “Janet’s Law.”  This law requires that all schools, public and private have an AED available.  The law also requires additional measures, number of people trained in CPR and AED use, proper signage, and implementing an emergency action plan.  Schools must be complaint by September 1, 2014.

Who was Janet Zilinski?

Janet Zilinski was an 11 year old cheerleader from Warren, NJ who died after suffering sudden cardiac arrest.  Janet’s tragic death led to her family forming The Janet Fund, which has been fighting to raise awareness and have defibrillators placed at school grounds. The Zilinski family’s tireless fight was the driving force for what ultimately became Janet’s Law. For more information about Janet and the Janet Fund please visit www.thejanetfund.org.

Key Points to Janet’s Law

  • All public and non-public schools are required to have an AED by September 1, 2014
  • The AED must be available in an unlocked location with an identifying sign
  • The AED must be accessible during the school day and any other time a school sponsored athletic event or practice is taking place
  • The AED shall be located within reasonable proximity of the gym or athletic field
  • A coach, trainer, staff member, EMT or first responder trained in CPR/AED must be present during the event or practice
  • Schools must develop an EAP (Emergency Action Plan) that includes;
                – At least 5 people trained in CPR and AED use, updated annually
                -Detailed procedure for responding to a SCA event including who responds, who call 9-1-1, who gets the AED, who operated the
                  AED and performs CPR, and who assists responders to get to the victim
For the full text of Janet’s Law please visit www.lifesaversinc.com.janetslaw.html.


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